Opened my blog site today to find 515 comments awaiting! But there were quite a lot of comments asking me about my “secret of happiness”. Well, is there really a secret? Or is the secret hidden in some great religious book/in the long speech of a therapist/the religious discourse of some Godmen?? I believe the secret lies in each & every moment we breath , inhale & LIVE!

The name of my blog savoir vivre has a very special meaning. Savoir vivre is French and means living a good life while staying elegant and smart i.e the ability to live life well and with intelligent enjoyment, meeting every situation with poise, good manners, and elegance. And in this process its extremely important to filter out things which are absolutely irrelevant and capture those moments which are worth cherishing. One of my teachers had a suggestion – everynight before going to bed write down about atleast one good realization you had today…and in due course of time I have realised that these realizations are exactly those sought after “secrets” everyone keeps searching for. So everyday I shall be posting my secrets…and you can leave your secrets too! Let’s add some joie de vivre to our savoir vivre!Savoir vivre no longer belongs to me …now it belongs to all its readers who have showered so much love within so little time! Thankyou!


Missing someone….then don’t look at the watch before calling!

Y do we think & think & overthink…”should I call or shouldn’t I call”? These confusions are not at all required when it comes to the person u really care about. Yaad ayi kisiki to uthao phone nd scream it loud “i miss u like hell u idiot” (okay..the screaming part might be a bad idea)…but when it comes to loving & caring – DON”T LEAVE A SINGLE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS EVEN IF IT’S 5 IN THE MORNING!


Fear is not good for love!


Don’t miss the sunshine!


Denial doesn’t work…stop living in denial and face it head-on gun blazing!


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