I am really not a TV serial person but absolutely loved yesterday’ episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith Grey’s character is so like me as if she is my doppelganger!Every character of this series has something vital to teach us and after a long time am hooked to something like I used to be hooked to TinTin!
Meredith put it up so simply something that I have been wondering about – “CUT,SUTURE,CLOSURE”! Some of us are unfortunate to have toxic relationships in our lives . We have all heard stories of people spiralling down into depression because of these relationships-may be a dysfunctional family or a broken marriage…some are jilted in love…some are hurt and pained by the most important people in their lives. The worst part of it is denial. We deny and say it loud that we are fine and even in the face of all that fineness we deny that we are denying! We forget that it’s okay to break down and cry…it’s okay to vent out! I really like the dialogues of this series just like this one – “I am ready to walk every mile towards my healing”. This is exactly what we are supposed to do!
Some relationships go beyond the limit of graceful & dignified dealings – let them go. That’s exactly how Meredith puts it in a surgeon’s language – “CUT,SUTURE,CLOSURE”! We don’t allow a rotting teeth inside our mouth then why do we allow toxic people in our lives(and yes…the comparison is absolutely justified). Unfortunately life is not the same as cooking. While cooking we put in ingredients in exactly the same quantity of the flavour we would like to have but we can’t put in people & situations in our lives according to our will. All we can do is to control who stays on.

Jab shareer ka ek hissa hadd se zyada dard dene lage to use kaat ke khud se alag kar dena hi acha hota hai….”CUT,SUTUE,CLOSURE”! The day you do that you realise today was okay…
Suddenly 10pm has become my favourite time of the day! 🙂


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