I don’t wake up every morning and perform an elaborate aarti…I don’t even pray everyday…I don’t fast like most typical good Indian girls fast(am a foodie)…but somehow I connect…

I connect to Him when I get good food to it…not everyone in this world is blessed to eat their hearts content..

I connect to Him when whenever I get an opportunity to smile again…after every such situation when I thought I could never smile again…

I connect to Him when just in the middle of a very busy day…suddenly I feel as if there is something that’s guiding me…something that’s holding me so that I don’t fall apart…

I connect to Him whenever I inhale…

How can a person be at amazing places like the Dashashwamedh ghaat or the Chittor temple of Mirabai or the Ajmer Shareef Dargah or the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and not believe…

Sometimes I wonder that how can anybody go through life as an experience altogether…and not believe…

How can anybody see a mother conceive a baby…and not believe??? Strange!

And the word mother reminds me of the most powerful mother …Durga! So what it is it that I love so much about Durga Puja??Is it the shopping?? Is it the food?? Is it the pandal hopping?? I have always felt something more …always more than all that usually happens…perhaps a greater sense of happiness…the kind of happiness I don’t feel round the year…and why not….that’s what happens when one gorgeous lady comes to meet another…when a gorgeous mother meets her gorgeous daughter :P

Yes I connect to the big daddy or mommy sitting up their…

Do you??






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  1. Fay says:

    I have never quite thought of it like that but looking back over stressful days where I take a moment to just breath and reboot there is that feeling that can sometimes bring a tear but pushes you forward to succeed.

    A beautifully written post about a truly beautiful topic.

    Thanks for the follow and likes 😀

  2. C Bradley says:

    Thank you for your post! Tuesday morning I had a flat tire. I was going to be late for work. I have text messages from the local news sent to my phone. Frustrated, I tried to get my tire fixed. A bit later I learned there was a fatal car wreck in an area I drive though on my way to work and right about the time I’d be driving through. Sometimes even negative things are a blessing. I’m thankful to Him for my flat tire.

  3. momentswithmillie says:

    Wow! Very profound.

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