Like this song…especially because the lyrics specifies it as “ishq wala love” as their are too many varieties of love these days …like hero/heroine-jaisa-dikhta-hai-wala-love,badi-gadi-chalata-hai-wala-love,fly-by-night-love,munni-wala-love,john-wala-love etc etc    😛

But the word ISHQ reminds me of a short discussion that I just happened to evesdrop while clicking some pictures of the Chittor forts Mirabai’s temple(the same temple where she would sit and sing mere to girdhar gopal)! Some saints sat their and discussed “ishq kise kehte hain?” … and another saint followed up  with a little fable about Mirabai. Mirabai happened to be a part of a popular satsang in which Krishna devotees from all over had come to participate in the program that was organised on the occasion of Janmashtami. A rishi from Kashi happened to join in and everytime Mirabai would sing a bhajan he would cover his face with a veil in an attempt of hiding  his face from her. Mirabai went upto him and asked him why was it so important for him to hide his face from her. He said none of the rishis in his order where supposed to allow any woman see his face. To this Mirabai replied “hum Krishna bhakton ke liye to ek hi mard hai…aur wo Krishna hai”. The saint who was narrating this fable said “ishq wo ehsaas hai jismein us insans ka wajood apne wajood se kuch alag nahi hota”

So simple!

Why is this relationship the only relationship which is always at the receiving end? We never make fun of any other relationship then why cant people be just a little more dignified and respectful towards it? We never replace our parents/siblings/grandparents then why are people so quick to find “substitutes”  when it comes to “love”?

I don’t identify romance with rubbish films & their over-the-top songs. I find it romantic when someone leaves behind his semesters only to tell me that I am lucky enough to be loved….it’s romantic when you realise that he is the most amazing man you have ever seen and he still choses to be with a dork like you…it’s romantic when he is always ready to listen to your endless ramblings without a single frown…it’s romantic when he stays by your side even when you have a thousand disillusionments in your head…

Fear is the most unreasonable of all human emotions…it’s unfair when you fear in love…because you end up not giving completely to the other person…

Fear is not good for love…and the legend of Mirabai had this very significant lesson to teach…


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