Teacher says pay attention to the class.

News channels say pay attention to our ramblings.

Parents say pay attention to marks.

BF/GF says pay attention to me.

Nobody ever says pay attention to “yourself”!


Sure all “well wishers” around us are extremely worried about your well being but I feel exceedingly sorry for people who relate their absolute happiness to some hopelessly competitive number – marks/position/salary/profit/dividend…bla bla…

We all have certain important people around us…people we love & care for very very dearly…we worry & worry & worry a lot about them…do we ever worry about their happiness?? And by happiness I mean seedha simple sada wala happiness. When you see your dad working hard day in & day out you worry about his BP, his health and everything else. Why don’t you just go and ask him “dad who’s your favourite actor…let’s see one of his films together” . Or do you ever go to your mom and say “aaj sabzi main kaat leta hun…aap woh naye wale bangles pehno”. Strange!  In the so-called “pursuit of happiness” we only push our loved ones instead of truly caring for them.

When was the last time somebody said…”pay attention to yourself….are you really happy doing what you are doing…in the routine mundane life?”

When was the last time somebody said …”let’s go to the park and play on the see-saw…Sundays are Sundays for a reason”.

When was the last time somebody told to pay attention to the people who can do nothing in return for us.

When was the last time somebody said “how happy you are with this life?”

Is life about being a slave?

I think its called “living” in English…

People don’t usually plan for their epitaphs but I have…it should read




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